Guinot Facial Treatments


The Hydraclean Treatment is designed to cleanse the face, paying particular attention to the T-zone.


Aromatic Facial

Relaxing aromatherapy facial,customised for all skin types.



Energising, anti-ageing facial which lifts and firms.


Hydradermie 2

The Star Facial. Deep cleansing treatment, customised to suit all skin types.


Hydradermie 2 Lift Express

High-tech lifting treatment, tones skin, smoothes wrinkles.


Hydradermie 2 Age Logic

The Anti-Ageing Star Facial with added lifting and toning for the eyes and neck.


Hydradermie 2 Lift Deluxe

Treats the eyes, reduces signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, galvanic muscle stimulation, high frequency, massage and mask.


Age Summum

50-minute anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm and restore the skin's radiance.


Eye Logic

40-minute treatment that focuses on the fragile eye area. Minimise the appearance of dark circles, Combats puffiness, Reduces shadows and bags & Hydrates.
Eye logic Course of 3 (1 per week) - £120


Hydra Peel

Hydra peeling is a skin rejuvenating treatment with two peeling options that are adjusted and prescribed based on the clients level of sensitivity. Hydra peeling is a unique alternative to aesthetic medicine that erases visible signs of ageing, brightens skin tone, diminish dark spots and results in radiance and glow!